Here we are listing some Do’s and Don’ts you should check before you go for a powerpoint presentation

1) Your clothing- YES IT MATTERS!

The Choice of your clothes is reflection of your self-image. To feel more confident and strong, put on clothes that give you more power. Keep your audience and environment in mind and wear something, which will not only blend you but also make people listen to you. (Read more on this point)

2) A presentation is not an extempore with some background support.

Research is the key. How well you dress up or how good you look, always go through the topic very well before your presentation. In short be Donna 😛

3) Always follow one minute per slide rule.

A minute per slide. Period!

4) Never ever read your presentation.

Use more of images than texts. People want to hear from you. Use visual support and speak.

5) Ask Questions.

Ask open-ended to keep your audience engaged and hooked to your presentation.

6) Entertainment is the key.

Don’t make your presentation extremely formal…..use colors…maintain a theme…tell a story…use diagrams for numbers. Most importantly never, bore your audience.


7) Never clutter your presentation.

Use extra slides if you want but don’t stuff things in one single slide. Give out white spaces; it will give your presentation a cleaner look.



There are more than 30 million PowerPoint presentations made each day. Any tool is useful only if used properly. Do you think your presentations make any difference? comment your queries/views or contact us now.

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    Deepak Sisodia

    Thbks pptbackers,
    Its really useful and very important point you have came up with.