Learning Presentation Skills From Steve Jobs Speeches and Keynotes

Presentations are a great way to connect to your target audience. Presentation go far beyond words. They connect you with people mentally and emotionally. However, not all presentations have that capability. Only the exceptional ones can do that.

You know Steve Jobs? Of course, you do. He was the best storyteller the world have seen. The exceptional presenter, the most competitive communicator in the world stage.

Steve Jobs 2007 iPhone Launch Presentation is used as an example all over the world to teach exceptional presentation skills. His presentations were always a success because he knew exactly what audience need and he delivered it. Steve jobs presentation style consisted of following key ideas.

1. Concise Headings and Theme

Theme meant a lot to Jobs.He always started with a headline which can be easily remembered and is short and comprehensive. The headings were short enough to be posted on twitter. In iPhone 2007 launch, one heading was “Your life in your pocket”. This meant that iPhone has so many features that it almost covers all aspects of your social requirements. But instead of putting up never ending slides. He just put up “Your life in your pocket”.

2. Interesting stories

Jobs always did that. He knew how to interact with audience. He presented himself from audience point of view. He told stories that are commonly experienced by users regarding Apple’s products. Once he said in a presentation “I was sitting in this cafe using iPad and noticed this girl totally checking me out”. His slide consisted of just these few words. While he explained the story himself about Apple’s products getting you girls and absolutely had everyone laughing.

3. His style Was Fewer Words

No matter how long the topic was. Jobs always managed to cover in fewer words.

“Music, calls and internet.” – introducing iPhone

“Thousand songs in your pocket.” – introducing iPod.

“Touch your music.” – introducing iPod touch.

“The world’s thinnest notebook.” – introducing MacBook Air.

He summed up the product in few minimal words and had the audience completely persuaded.

4. Give The Remember-able Statistics

He always had the numbers simplified. In his presentation when he wanted to tell the progress of iTunes, instead of saying that 25 billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes. He said that 15,000 songs are downloaded from iTunes every minute and that’s pretty huge and memorable.

5. Images

He had incredible images in his presentation. There wasn’t too much media. It was just focused on one or two images which were enough and represented the whole point.

6. Fewer Text

The Steve Jobs presentation didn’t had too much text. Every point contained minimum 1 and maximum 4 words.

7. Smiles

His whole presentation was kind of joy because he always continued smiling the whole time. Just have a look at the headshot photo of Steve Jobs.

8. Put on a show

Steve got an envelope from his team during presentation. He showed it to audience and pulled out a sleek Macintosh. The audience were engaged, interested and entertained.

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people.” Steve Jobs


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